Event/Formal Makeup - $130

Includes lipstick sample + applicator for touch ups and complimentary individual or full band lashes. 

Please note: we currently do not offer bridal or mobile makeup services


Our artists are trained by our owner and makeup specialist, Jessica Peris.

When we look at a face, our approach is never to think, "what do need to cover or hide/fix". We look at every face with the positive intention, "what do I want to enhance". 

Our style is about creating a look that is flattering and radiant. Natural, glowy - that's our vibe. While we still offer full coverage, we want our clients to look real.



To ensure you get the best results, here are some tips you can do to prepare: 


1. Please come with a cleansed face. You can moisturise before your appointment too - just stick to your regular skincare routine. We will still prep you and take care of the rest!


2. Fluffy brows are great, but if you usually have them waxed/groomed, please ensure this is done at least 2 days before. 


3. Bring photos for inspiration! Bring at least 1 image of a full face of makeup that you’d like to use for inspo. You don’t need a super clear idea of what you want, but we'd love to know the vibe, and having some direction definitely helps.


4. Bring photos of your dress outfit/accessories so we can have a good idea of the style you’re going for.