Nail art can be selected from our menus below. Please refer to the lower menu for our Basic, Advanced and Luxe guide. 

Custom designs must be requested prior to an appointment via email.


Prices (additional to your gel polish nail service): 

Basic - $2.50 per nail or full set - $20

Advanced - $4 per nail or full set - $30 

Luxe - $5 per nail 

BOUJEE full set - $50-$100 *add on* to gel polish nail service. Please select this service when booking a full set of custom designs, a full set of Luxe designs or a full set of seasonal designs priced $5 or more per nail. 


Seasonal menus are designed by Jess, and are launched on the first day of Spring and Autumn. Designs can still be requested from our older menus.

Fine glitter (gradient or full) - $2.00 per nail or $15.00 full set 

Textured glitter (gradient or full) - $2.50 per nail or $20.00 full set 

Polish glitter applied as a gradient or variated - $1.50 per nail or $10.00 full set

Glitter stars or hearts = $1.00 per piece


All nail art in our collections are hand painted. Due to the nature of hand painted designs, any artwork provided at The Beautique may vary slightly from images shown on our menu. Designs can be personalised by changing colours, providing the colours chosen work with the design and maintain the design's integrity (our Nail Artists will be able to assist you with appropriate colour choices). Slight adjustments may be made to each design, however this needs to be approved by the Nail Artist prior to starting an appointment.