Nails are expertly shaped to your liking before we gently tidy your cuticles, followed by application of Gelish gel polish. 

with Junior nail artist:

Gel polish colour + dry manicure on hands - $50

Gel polish colour + dry pedicure on toes - $50

with Senior nail artist:

Gel polish colour + dry manicure on hands - $55

Gel polish colour + dry pedicure on toes - $55

with Silvie:

Gel polish colour + dry manicure on hands - $55

Gel polish colour + dry pedicure on toes - $55

with any artist:

Naked Mani (buff + shine instead of Gel Polish) - $35


Removals are done by patiently soaking off the gel polish using foil wraps, gentle filing and reshaping.

with any artist:

Removal with a new set (fingers) - $15

Removal with a new set (toes) - $10

Removal with dry manicure + nail strengthener or buff - $45


Our signature luxe pedicures are an indulgent experience, using our very own

BY THE BE bath and body products 

We start with a warm soak in your choice of either our Jardin Magique salt soak, or Jardin De Reves Bath milk. This is followed by a thorough foot brush, a scrub using either our La Mer salt scrub or La Terre coffee scrub, and a heel buff. 

Your nails and cuticle area are meticulously + gently tidied.

The treatment finishes with a relaxing oil massage, a hydrating moisturiser and smoothing paraffin foot mask to leave your feet feeling ultra soft and fresh. 

with any artist:

Luxe Pedicure (includes gel polish) - $100

Luxe Naked Pedicure (includes buff and shine, no polish) - $80


Paraffin Hydration Mask (fingers or toes) - $20

Extra Top Coat or Base Coat (on all nails) - $5

Structure Gel (on all nails) - $5

Tea Bag Repair/Reinforcement - $2 per nail (at time of full appointment)

Nail Repairs - Price can vary between $5-$20 on a job-by-job basis. 



Please refer to our nail art menu for styles and pricing. 


Custom designs are available on request prior to booking an appointment. Please contact us via email to discuss custom designs and to receive a quote. Custom designs will not be performed in studio unless they have been accepted prior. This is so we can allow the appropriate amount of time required to complete your set and prepare for your design if needed. If you would like a variation of a menu design that we haven't done before, please contact us prior to your appointment time.


Group bookings of 3+ require a 50% deposit for each appointment to secure the booking.


In order to get the most out of your gel polish service, it's important to follow the below aftercare precautions:

  • don't have a hot shower the night of your appointment. If you must, a quick, cool shower might be ok, however, if possible, we advise to not have a shower at all after your appointment and showering the morning of instead. 

  •  don’t wash your hair for the next 24 hours.

  • don’t wash dishes or do any form of cleaning that involves soaking of your hands and/or harsh chemicals (including if you wear gloves) in the first 24 hours. After this, gloves MUST be worn, but be cautious that chemicals and heat can still be trapped in gloves and therefore affect your gel polish.

  • be aware of products that can stain your nails and do not expose your nails to these products (especially if you have a light colour). These products include, but are not limited to: purple shampoo, turmeric/strong coloured spices, dyes, dark denim, dark/unwashed clothing.

  • do not use your nails to pick at anything! This includes (but is not limited to): key rings, stickers/labels, containers, jewellery clasps.

  • never, EVER pick off your gel polish.

Our gel polish on average lasts our clients 2-4 weeks, whilst some clients can last 4-6 weeks. The longevity ultimately depends on your lifestyle, occupation and aftercare. 

If you experience any premature lifting of your gel polish (within 72 hours after your appointment time) after following the above aftercare, please contact us immediately via email with clear photos. Even though our artists are highly trained, we will be more than happy to assess your nails and fix them if the issue is a direct result of our own application fault. Please note, we will not be liable for any damage to the nails caused by not following our aftercare advice or by a fault not of our own.