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A tranquil blend of magnesium, coconut milk, and butterfly pea.


Magnesium flakes dissolve and absorb through the skin, relieving muscle tension and supporting a good night’s sleep. Coconut milk softens and hydrates, while butterfly pea transforms your bath into a beautiful sky blue. Violet leaf and lavender soothe the skin and the soul, surrounding you in a nostalgic garden of dreams.



Key ingredients: 


Zechstein magnesium chloride flakes are a natural form of magnesium that occurs in the ocean. Zechstein flakes are derived from the Ancient Zechstein sea bed, and are free from modern pollutants making them incredibly nourishing for the skin, body and soul. They help your body relax and promote a good night’s sleep.


Coconut milk powder is excellent for moisturizing the skin, and when dissolved in a bath it can help keep the skin feeling super soft and hydrated. Our coconut milk powder is certified organic and 65% fat, making it extra creamy and rich in fatty acids. It is soothing and calming, ideal for sensitive skins.


Butterfly pea flower has been used widely in herbal medicine for thousands of years as a powerful natural ingredient. It’s abundant in antioxidants like polyphenols that increase collagen production in skin cells and support firmer, plump and healthier skin. It is anti-inflammatory, while it’s beautiful blue hue reflects its natural ability to calm the mind. It’s also used to enhance memory and reduce stress, anxiety and depression.


Violet leaf is restorative and calming, it’s scent carries nostalgic properties of flowers in the garden. It is known widely for its therapeutic importance in herbal and Ayurvedic medicine. It is said to have sedative properties that help with insomnia, while it’s heart shaped leaves support its connection to the heart. On an emotional level it provides feelings of relaxation, comfort and inspiration.


Lavender oil is known widely for it's ability to promote relaxation and a sense of calm. It can relieve stress, anxiety, and nervous tension. It is anti-bacterial, nourishing and soothing on the skin.



Hand blended in Ngunnawal country, Australia. Tested on hard working human hands, not animals. 100% vegan. Mineral oil free, paraben free, no artificial fragrances.

Jardin De Reves Bath Milk - BY THE BE.

  • Size: 250gm/8.81oz

    Our bath milk comes in luxe, reusable ultraviolet black glass jar that enhances longevity of your product. Our jars are packaged in a large, reusable cotton pouch.

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