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To ground and cleanse.


A beloved caffeine-free herbal coffee, dandelion root has affinity for the liver and digestive system.

Create a ritual which supports and ignites your innate vitality and promotes the passage of toxins through your precious body, morning or night.


Tips and Use


Add 1-2 tsp to tea pot or coffee plunger and let steep for 5 minutes, before straining. Alternatively add to espresso machine as per coffee grinds. Add warm plant mylk for a delicious latte alternative. Elevate with elixir powders, tonic herbs and mushrooms.

Orchard St - Dandelion

  • Orchard St.® was founded in 2012 by Kirsten Shanks, a qualified Naturopath with over 20 years experience in the plant realm and a devotion to explorations of consciousness, ecology and motherhood.

    Still at the creative helm of the business, Kirsten is the guiding force, pairing a relentless thirst for evidence based insight with a dharma to elevate the collective experience of wellness to provide you offerings of the highest quality and efficacy.

  • roasted dandelion root, roasted chicory root.

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