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Manicure + Pedicure




Includes shaping, gentle cuticle tidying and application of gel polish or a buff + shine (naked). 

with Junior artist:                        with Senior artist:

Gel Polish Manicure  - $55        - $65

Gel Polish Toes - $55                  - $65

Naked Mani - $40                       - $50

Naked Pedi - $40                        - $50


Includes a warm soak in BY THE BE. salt soak or bath milk, foot brush, citrus salt or coffee scrub and a heel buff. Nails and cuticle area are gently tidied. Includes application of gel polish or a buff + shine for naked mani/pedi. Finishes with an oil massage, a hydrating moisturiser and paraffin wax mask.

with Junior artist:                         with Senior artist:

Luxe Pedicure - $105                  - $115

Luxe Naked Pedi - $85               - $95


Prices vary and are charged as an ADD-ON to any gel polish manicure. A guide of designs can be found on our Instagram. Please contact us via at email to receive a quote. 

Single features from $2-$10 per nail. 

Basic Full Set - from $25 

Advanced Full Set - from $35

Boujee Full Set - from $55


French (one colour, fingers or toes) - $15

Paraffin Hydration Mask (fingers or toes) - $20

Structure Gel, Extra Top Coat or Base Coat (all nails) - $5

Nail Repairs - from $5+ 


Removals of our previously applied gel polish can only be booked with any of the above services. 

Gel Polish Removal - $15

MANICURE + PEDICURE AFTERCARE In order to get the most out of your gel polish service, it's important to follow the below aftercare precautions: - Do not have a hot shower the night of your appointment. If you must, a quick, cool shower might be ok, however, if possible, we advise to not have a shower at all after your appointment and showering the morning of instead.  - Do not wash your hair for the next 24 hours. - Do not wash dishes or do any form of cleaning that involves soaking of your hands and/or harsh chemicals (including if you wear gloves) in the first 24 hours. After this, gloves MUST be worn, but be cautious that chemicals and heat can still be trapped in gloves and therefore affect your gel polish. - Avoid products that can stain your nails and do not expose your nails to these products (especially if you have a light colour). These products include, but are not limited to: purple shampoo, turmeric/strong coloured spices, dyes, dark denim, dark/unwashed clothing. - Do not use your nails to pick at anything! This includes (but is not limited to): key rings, stickers/labels, containers, jewellery clasps. - Kindly never, ever, EVER pick off your gel polish!

Our gel polish on average lasts our clients 2-4 weeks, whilst some clients can last 4-6 weeks. The longevity ultimately depends on your lifestyle, occupation and aftercare. 

If you experience any premature lifting of your gel polish (within 72 hours after your appointment time) after following the above aftercare, please contact us immediately via email with clear photos. We will be more than happy to assess your nails and fix them if the issue is a direct result of our own application fault, however we must be contacted within the 72 hours.

Please note, nails are not indestructible, and it is normal for them to start breaking when they reach a certain point. We will not be liable for any damage to the nails caused by not following our aftercare advice or by a fault not of our own/regular wear + tear.

Brows + Lashes


Brow Shape - $45

Brow Tint - $25

Brow Shape + Tint - $60

Brow Lamination - $70

Brow Lamination + Shape - $110

Brow Lamination + Shape + Tint - $120


Lip Wax - $20

Chin Wax - $25

Side of Face Wax  - $25


Lash Lift  - $110 

Lash Lift + tint - $130

Lash Tint - $35


Brow Shape + Lip Wax - $55

Brow Shape + Tint + Lip Wax - $75

Brow Shape + Lip + Chin Wax - $75

Brow Shape + Lip + Chin + Side Wax - $95

Brow Shape + Tint + Lash Tint - $90

Brow Shape + Tint + Lash Lift + Tint - $180

BROW LAMINATION AFTERCARE - Do not get your brows wet for the first 24 hours (avoid cleansing over the brow area). - Apply brow oil every day once a day to keep the eyebrow hairs nourished. - Allow 8 weeks between appointments.

LASH LIFT AFTERCARE - Avoid water, steam/heating the lashes for 12-24 hours. - Do not wear mascara for 12-24 hours. - Following 12-24 hours, be gentle with your lashes and do not pull at them. When removing eye make-up, rather than dragging a cotton pad along the lashes, press it onto the eye and hold for 10 seconds. It will keep the lashes looking better for longer. - After the 12-24 hour period, you may wash your face as per usual. - We recommend using a spoolie to brush your lashes into place if needed.




Event/Formal Makeup - $130


Includes lipstick sample + applicator for touch ups and complimentary individual or full band lashes. 


Please note: we currently do not offer bridal or mobile makeup services

EVENT MAKEUP PREP To ensure you get the best results, here are some tips you can do to prepare:  1. Please come with a cleansed face. You can moisturise before your appointment too - just stick to your regular skincare routine. We will still prep you and take care of the rest! 2. Fluffy brows are great, but if you usually have them waxed/groomed, please ensure this is done at least 2 days before. 3. Bring photos for inspiration! Bring at least 1 image of a full face of makeup that you’d like to use for inspo. You don’t need a super clear idea of what you want, but we'd love to know the vibe, and having some direction definitely helps. 4. Bring photos of your outfit/accessories so we can have a good idea of the style you’re going for. 

Spray Tanning


Express and overnight solutions available. 


Full body - $40

5 x Pre Paid Package - $170 (save $30)

10 x Pre Paid Package - $320 (save $80)

Bridal parties receive 10% off when booking in groups of 4 or more.

TANNING PREP Before your appointment: - For best results, gently exfoliate your whole body the night before the tan, with extra focus on dry spots such as your ankles and elbows.  - Waxing should be done at least 48 hours before the tan, and shaving at least one day before.  At your appointment:  - Do not wear moisturiser  - Do not wear deodorant  - Wear loose clothing such as sweatpants/sweater/oversized t-shirt, and no bras afterwards. - We will have disposable g-strings you can wear for the tan, however this is totally up to your preference. Some clients prefer their own underwear, some wear a bra, some prefer to get tanned nude. Either is fine - whatever makes you most comfortable!

TANNING AFTERCARE - When washing off your tan (your therapist will let you know when this is depending on the tan you get), ensure you shower in cold or lukewarm water (not hot). - Do not use soap for the first shower, gently use your hands rinse the tan off until the water runs clean. - Do not exfoliate or shave after receiving your spray tan. - Continue to moisturize the skin after the first shower to keep the tan looking fresh. - It is important that during the time after your spray tan and before your first shower that you avoid rain, saunas, physical activity that can cause sweating or getting the skin wet.



Our targeted Dr Spiller treatments are suitable for all skin types, customised for each client and designed to bring your skin back to its natural, radiant state of health. All facials include a clear quartz Gua Sha massage to improve circulation, reduce facial swelling and assist lymphatic drainage.

First Timer Spiller Consultation

Please book this in with your first facial so we can get to know you, your skin, and can cater our treatments accordingly.

30 mins - complimentary


Our favourite enzyme facial. Remember PacMan? Enzymes basically act as microscopic PacMen - they eat away your dead skin cells, clear up toxins and help speed up your skins natural shedding process, which will allow better penetration of your products and in turn, yield greater results.

55 mins - $140 

PACgirl Express

Our PACgirl facial, redesigned to fit into your lunch break or for a quick skin pick up. Utilising all the benefits of the enzymes into a compact treatment. Does not include massage or Gua Sha. 

35 mins - $90 

Spiller Thirst Killer

Ideal for thirsty, sensitised skin - this super hydrating facial involves Dr Spiller's Azulen Cream Mask which contains potent actives with anti-inflammatory properties derived from German chamomile, Vitamin E, and botanical oils. Includes the Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule for MAX hydration. 

55 mins - $160

Face Feed

If your focus is rebuilding your skin's natural elasticity and firmness - this one's for you. Using a Collagen Fleece mask, we'll feed your face with the right ingredients it needs to promote healthy, bouncy, youthful skin. Includes one of Dr Spiller's Ampoules based on skin concern.

55 mins - $190

Power Lift Peel

This super toning and firming peel stimulates lymphatic drainage and drenches your skin in powerful antioxidants and minerals. Ideal for tired, dull and sagging skin. This treatment includes the Aloe Vera Skin Lift ampoule. 

55 mins - $200

The B Peel

Involves massaging active herbs into the dermal layer and allowing them to penetrate the dermal layer where they will release vitamins and minerals over 24 hours. A non-invasive treatment that doesn't cause injury to the skin, but lets the herbs work their magic. It boosts the skins metabolism, improves complexion, supports micro circulation and skin cell renewal. No down-time - but all the results. 

55 mins - $230


Dr Spiller Ampoules

Add a highly concentrated, boosted serum to your facial to target your specific area of concern. 

- $30


15 minutes - $20


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