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more than just a pretty space.

Think of us as a beauty wonderland. We've worked hard to ensure every detail and corner of our space comes together to form a physical manifestation of how we want you to feel

But we know that's not enough - we are constantly ensuring that our services align with our environment, that the quality, attention to detail and vibe is always high - so we can help you feel elevated, too. 

We offer a curated range of services designed to enhance your natural beauty. Our team is made up of skilled artists and therapists who specialise in their chosen fields - because we truly believe that when you do something you enjoy, it shows in everything you touch.




From the humble beginnings of her parent's garage, Jessica Peris started The Beautique at the age of 21, adorning the nails of dedicated customers with tiny hand-painted artwork. For the large part of her career, Jess became one of the most in-demand local bridal makeup artists - sharing the journeys of hundreds of brides and grooms, helping them feel like the most beautiful version of themselves on their wedding day. 


Fast forward 12 years, and The Beautique has grown from the garage, to home salon, to the enchanting space it is now, located in Franklin, ACT.

No matter how The Beautique has transformed, Jess has always carried the same ethos; that all clients are welcomed as if they are a guest in her own home, that they feel seen, heard, and taken care of. While helping people find happiness is the true driving force behind her business; this force only grows stronger with time and is not only shown to her clients, but to her highly valued team.


"Self-care isn't just a buzz word. I believe self-care comes in many forms, and is the highest act of self-love. Whether you are taking time to listen to your body and rest, prioritizing your mental health, getting your nails done just to feel nice - you are choosing to do something to empower yourself. Treating your body as if it is something you value and something you are proud of, goes much deeper than most of us even realise. My hope is that everyone who walks through our door enjoys their whole experience from start to finish, feels amazing, has some laughs or even a cry - as long as they feel better than when they walked in. That's when our mission is accomplished." - Jess

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