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eyebrow shaping - $45

brow tint - $25

brow shape + tint - $60

brow lamination - $70

brow lamination + shape - $110

brow lamination + shape + tint - $120

facial waxing

lip wax - $20

chin wax - $25

sides of face wax  - $25

brow lamination aftercare

- Do not get your brows wet for the first 24 hours (avoid cleansing over the brow area).
- Apply brow oil every day once a day to keep the eyebrow hairs nourished.
- Allow 8 weeks between appointments.

lash lift aftercare

- Avoid water, steam/heating the lashes for 12-24 hours.
- Do not wear mascara for 12-24 hours.
- Following 12-24 hours, be gentle with your lashes and do not pull at them. When
removing eye make-up, rather than dragging a cotton pad along the lashes, press it onto the eye and hold for 10 seconds. It will keep the lashes looking better for longer.
- After the 12-24 hour period, you may wash your face as per usual.
- We recommend using a spoolie to brush your lashes into place if needed.

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