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event makeup


Includes lipstick sample + applicator for touch ups and complimentary individual or full band lashes. 

- $130


Please note: we currently do not offer bridal or mobile makeup services

spray tanning

Express and overnight solutions available. 


Full body - $40

5 x Pre Paid Package - $170

10 x Pre Paid Package - $320

Bridal parties receive 10% off when booking groups of 4 or more (must be booked in as a group appointment).

makeup preparation


To ensure you get the best results, here are some tips you can do to prepare: 

1. Please come with a cleansed face. You can moisturise before your appointment too - just stick to your regular skincare routine. We will still prep you and take care of the rest!
2. Fluffy brows are great, but if you usually have them waxed/groomed, please ensure this is done at least 2 days before.
3. Bring photos for inspiration! Bring at least 1 image of a full face of makeup that you’d like to use for inspo. You don’t need a super clear idea of what you want, but we'd love to know the vibe, and having some direction definitely helps.
4. Bring photos of your outfit/accessories so we can have a good idea of the style you’re going for. 

spray tan preparation

Before your appointment:

- For best results, gently exfoliate your whole body the night before the tan, with extra focus on dry spots such as your ankles and elbows. 
- Waxing should be done at least 48 hours before the tan, and shaving at least one day before. 

At your appointment: 

- Do not wear moisturiser 
- Do not wear deodorant 
- Wear loose clothing such as sweatpants/sweater/oversized t-shirt, and no bras afterwards.
- We will have disposable g-strings you can wear for the tan, however this is totally up to your preference. Some clients prefer their own underwear, some wear a bra, some prefer to get tanned nude. Either is fine - whatever makes you most comfortable!

spray tan aftercare

- When washing off your tan (your therapist will let you know when this is depending on the tan you get), ensure you shower in cold or lukewarm water (not hot). 
- Do not use soap for the first shower, gently use your hands rinse the tan off until the water runs clean.
- Do not exfoliate or shave after receiving your spray tan. 
- Continue to moisturize the skin after the first shower to keep the tan looking fresh.
- It is important that during the time after your spray tan and before your first shower that you avoid rain, saunas, physical activity that can cause sweating or getting the skin wet.

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