Dr Spiller's philosophy is centred around respecting and re-balancing the skin’s natural acid mantle (its first line of defence), and working with the skin as opposed to against it. Its biomimetic system is designed to mimic the natural functions of the skin, and its amazing ability to heal itself. 

Our targeted Dr Spiller facials are suitable for all skin types, customised for each client and designed to bring your skin back to its natural, radiant state of health. Incorporated into all our facials is our clear quartz Gua Sha - a beauty tool used in ancient Chinese medicine that improves circulation, reduces facial swelling and assists lymphatic drainage.

First Timer Spiller Consultation

Let us introduce you to Dr Spiller... first time appointments with us are required to have an initial consultation so we can get to know you, your skin, and your skin goals. This allows us to specially cater our treatments to you and your lifestyle.

30 mins - Complimentary when booked with first treatment


Our favourite Enzyme facial, ideal to get your skin back on track. Remember PacMan? Enzymes basically act as microscopic PacMen - they go around and eat away your dead skin cells, clearing up toxins and helping to speed up your skins natural shedding process, which will allow better penetration of your products and in turn, greater results.

 60 mins - $130 

PACgirl Express

Our PACgirl facial, redesigned to fit into your lunch break or for a quick skin pick up. Utilising all the benefits of the enzymes into a compact treatment. Does not include massage or Gua Sha. 

 35 mins - $80 

Spiller Thirst Killer

Ideal for thirsty and sensitised skin, this super hydrating facial takes advantage of Dr Spiller's unique water in oil emulsion™. Included is Dr Spiller's Azulen Cream Mask which contains potent actives with scientifically proven anti-inflammatory properties derived from German chamomile, Vitamin E, and nourishing botanical oils rich in fatty acids and biomimetic triglycerides (all the good stuff).

This treatment includes the Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule for MAX hydration. 

60 mins - $150

Face Feed

If your focus is rebuilding your skin's natural elasticity and firmness - this one's for you. Using one of Dr Spiller's Collagen Fleece masks, we'll feed your face with the right ingredients it needs to promote healthy, bouncy, youthful skin. The Collagen Fleece sheet masks are freeze-dried, making them ideal carriers for active ingredients that are effectively delivered and infused into your skin, resulting in improved elasticity and smoothing of fine lines. This treatment includes one of Dr Spiller's Ampoules, in which your therapist will advise the most beneficial option for your skin concern.

60 mins - $180

Power Lifter

This treatment combines the regenerative power of Argan oil with the firming effect of Dr Spiller’s Aloe Vera Skin Lift peel. This super toning treatment stimulates lymphatic drainage, and drenches your skin in powerful antioxidants and minerals. Ideal for tired, dull and sagging skin. This treatment includes the Aloe Vera Skin Lift, Cellular or Collagen ampoule. 

60 mins - $180

The B Peel

Harnessing the power of nature, this peel involves massaging active herbs into the skin and allowing them to penetrate the dermal layer where they will slowly release vitamins, minerals and vital trace elements over 24 hours. A non-invasive treatment that does not cause injury to the skin, but instead lets the herbs work their magic. The B Peel boosts the skins metabolism, supports micro circulation, skin cell renewal mechanisms and improves the skins complexion. 

No down-time - but all the results. This is Dr Spiller's alternative to chemical peels and skin needling. 

*When booking online, please only select this option as a subsequent treatment for any of the above facials and after speaking with one of our skin specialists.

60 mins - $220


Dr Spiller Ampoules

Add a little boost to your facial with the incorporation of one of Dr Spiller's ampoules. These highly concentrated serums are like little potions that are added to your mask or directly to the skin to target your specific area of concern.


Aloe Vera Skin Lift: lifting and toning, ideal for sun-damaged, dehydrated + combination skin

Cellular: a high concentration of proteins to restore aged skin, combat dehydration + sun damage

Collagen: contains over 9 amino acids to boost dry, sensitised + fatigued skin

Hyaluronic Acid: suitable for all skin types, provides extreme hydration by restoring + retaining moisture levels

Sanvita: provides instant calm to repair and strengthen sensitised, reactive + impaired skin

Whitening: uses potent antioxidants to prevent and correct pigmented + sun damaged skin 

Propolis Vitamin A Ampoule: an anti-bacterial complex that reverses and regulates acne + breakouts


As an add-on treatment to any of your facials, your skin specialist will safely and hygienically remove your comedones (pimples, pustules and blackheads). Extractions are performed after your skin is cleansed and exfoliated with the assistance of steam to open up your pores.   

15 minutes - $25




x3 PACgirl enzyme facials, for you to use at your leisure. Depending on your skin, the PACgirl facial can be done weekly. Your skin specialist will advise you on whether this package is suitable for your skin and your skin goals. 

 - $350 (saving of $40)

All About The Be x 3

Love our Herbal B-Peels? Purchase a package of x3 All About The B treatments and look forward to some of that herbal magic on the regular. Your skin specialist will advise you on whether this package is suitable for your skin and your skin goals. 

- $600 (saving of $60)



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