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The Clear Quartz Gua Sha by BY THE BE. is now elevated with it's own beautiful clear quartz base. Designed in Australia, the Gua Sha holder provides a dedicated home for your Gua Sha, keeping it within reach and front of mind, thus encouraging daily practice and self-care - allowing you to master the art of ritual.

Gua Sha + Holder Set (Clear Quartz) - BY THE BE.

  • As crystals are formed in nature, each Gua Sha may vary slightly in size and clarity. Our Gua Sha comes in comes in a reusable, cotton pouch.

  • Our Clear Quartz Gua Sha is purposefully shaped to glide comfortably over your face. Spread a few drops of facial oil lightly over your face and neck (we recommend our Eternelle face oil), and place the Gua Sha in a flat position, pressing down with light to medium pressure and gliding outwards and upwards, slowly working your way from your neck to your forehead. Focus on your breathing, set your intentions and let the crystal + your hands work their magic together.

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